How LLES started

The inspiration for LLES came originally from our local Quaker Meeting. Barbara Anderson, David Utting and Gwen Prince had attended a talk on Global Warming by Sir John Houghton at Machynlleth in November 2000, and we were very disturbed by the catastrophic future he predicted unless we act urgently. Having spent a number of years there, Gwen was particularly concerned about the dire effects of climate change on Africa.
Shortly afterwards Barbara spoke in the Quaker Meeting about a vision of Llanidloes as an energy conscious community, and the idea of forming a community group was born.

'Global Warming - What can we do?' was the question posed on notices around the town, and 29 people came to the inaugural meeting in the Town Hall in February 2001, when a speaker from REACT talked about an initiative to encourage local groups to participate in a home energy conservation scheme. We formed a committee and began by promoting the scheme to local groups, and although the foot and mouth outbreak limited the scope, five groups joined and received energy efficiency training.

LLES means 'benefit' in Welsh, and the original name of 'Llanidloes Energy Savers' was amended to 'Llanidloes Energy Solutions' at the 2002 A.G.M. to reflect the wider concerns about promoting renewable energy as well as energy conservation.

Since LLES started we have held numerous successful meetings on many diverse issues, and held stalls publicising the problem of climate change and promoting recycling and renewable energy.

We have grown into one of the largest community groups in the town with over 150 members, and are now both a company limited by guarantee and a charity.

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