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Join LLES and/or make a donation


To join, just download and print a copy of the Membership Form. You can also use this form to set up a Standing Order or Gift Aid mandate.

Members can attend planning meetings and help us with ideas and practical activity. Members also receive a regular newsletter which keeps them in touch with developments.

Gift aid


If you qualify for Gift Aid you can increase the value of any donation you make. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, the charity you are supporting will receive an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue, helping your donation go further. This means that £10 can be turned into £12.80 just so long as donations are made through Gift Aid. Imagine what a difference that could make, and it doesn't cost you a thing.

Give LLES some of your time

LLES is involved in a wide variety of projects relating not only to energy but, far more generally, to the sustainability of the community in and around Llanidloes. For example, the production, consumption and conservation of energy in the community cannot be treated entirely separately from the disposal, recycling and re-use of waste products. Nor can it be divorced from issues of health, safety, information and general happiness (the last being the ultimate measure of success in any community). Although LLES cannot focus on the full spectrum of issues facing us in the future, it works in partnership with other organizations each of which focusses upon a more or less specific aspect of the whole.

LLES relies primarily upon volunteers for its planning, policy-making, publicity, liaison with schools, newsletter production, articles and press releases, surveys, web-site construction/maintenance, etc. Whatever your skills and interests, LLES (or one of its partners in the drive towards future sustainability) would value your contribution.

Volunteer time is the essence of all the projects working towards local community sustainability (including that of the Llanidloes Resource Centre and the credit union) and LLES is no exception. To get an idea of how you might best be able to help LLES, why not join and come along to one of our planning meetings?