About Llanidloes

ImageLlanidloes is at the heart of the ancient medieval kingdom of Arwystli; the first town on the River Severn and, like much of rural Wales, is very environmentally conscious.

Our long-term aim is to help the town's transition to carbon neutral status by accurately assessing its present energy consumption, reducing that by 30% and then using a mix of technologies to generate the energy needed to sustain the town.. We have surveyed most of the public buildings in the town and over 200 private houses. In many cases we have been able to assist the owners to access cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and general energy saving advice, often free of charge.

The town has many older buildings with solid walls that are very difficult to insulate, but we are investigating special exterior finishes that overcome this problem.

The mix will probably include hydro, wind and CHP (combined heat and power).

The current project to do an energy survey on all the buildings in the town to establish a base energy consumption figure, is already well underway with over 200 private houses and most of the public buildings completed.