LLES has 6 smart meters available for householders to borrow. Smart meters show how much electricity a household is using at any given time, so it can be used to identify which appliances are expensive to run and how much leaving things on standby costs. It can also tell you if anything has been left on before you go to bed or leave the house for the day.

Smart meters are easy to install, and consist of two parts, one links up with the power supply coming into the house, the other is a hand held display unit giving you all the information. We generally find that a fortnight is long enough to get an idea of how much each appliance uses and see how much saving you can make by, for example, switching things off standby.  


LLES has the use of an Infra-red camera, which is a nifty device showing heat loss from buildings. It is best used in cold weather when the heating is on in the house. If you would like to save money on heating, and know where heat is escaping from your home, please contact us. We will be out and about with it over the autumn and winter.


LLES can conduct an energy efficiency survey on your home and make recommendations for improvements that will save you money and reduce your 'carbon footprint'.

The project officer will contact you afterwards if there are any grants that might help you, and we have a link with the local credit union (ROMCUL)who may be able to help with a low interest loan.


Not sure which lightbulb is best for which fitting? We have a range of low energy and LED lightbulbs of different shapes and sizes which are available to 'try before you buy'. Contact us for more details.