The Team


Gwen Prince - Founder and Events organiser


Gwen Prince

"Having lived in Africa for some time and also Sri Lanka, I became concerned about the effect climate change would have on vulnerable people all over the world and convinced that we can’t leave it to politicians to act. It is up to us to make changes in our own lives and spread the message to others. Llanidloes has taken a lead, and more and more communities are taking action. Together we can make a difference.”



Colin Penfold - Chairman


Colin Penfold  I was involved in the energy industry for many years as a mechanical design draughtsman.   I've been aware of the effects of carbon dioxide, methane and other chemicals as the main cause of man made global warning for some time, but the oil industry, amongst others, has been in denial about this.

I feel that LLES plays a vital role in raising awareness of the issue, encouraging local people to manage their energy use efficiently

 Pam Williams - Trustee

Pam Williams

Although originally a teacher, I have farmed in Wales with my husband, David, since 1982. In December 2009 we retired, from our organic, Soil Association registered farm on the Pembrokeshire coast, to a smallholding just outside Llanidloes. I have always been passionate about the environment and our effect on it. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to the other inhabitants of the planet, human and non-human, to live with as small an impact as we are individually able. I was attracted to LLES because it offers inspiration, encouragement and practical advice as to how that might be achieved in Llanidloes.






Other Trustees:-

Tim Coleridge

George Marshall

Michelle Boudin